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Please help Nicole!

My dears, I hope you can understand my need when I ask you to please help me publish the aid case of my older daughter, Nicole. As you may have read, she will have to undergo eye-surgery at a specialized clinic in Frankfurt, Germany. Unfortunately the costs of the surgery are way too high for us, it adds up to around 15.000 Euro, plus travelling expenses twice, since she will have to have her two eyes operated at a distance of 6 weeks. We don’t have this amount of money, and unless we pay it in full, the surgery won’t even be scheduled. The more time goes by, the smaller her chances get, at this point she risks losing her eyesight completely, her visual acuity lies around 20% now. She relies on her right eye, which is the stronger one.

I surely would not have appealed to anyone, nor told our story, if it wouldn’t have been a crisis situation. To enhance her chances of recovery, we have unrolled a campaign (here and here). I am just a mother who wants to see her child healthy, with a chance to a normal life, and I feel that is worth all of my efforts. I have copied in an article that provides more details about her condition.
„She is only three years old but bares the burden of a serious disease. Nicole could live in the dark, if her parents don’t gather the money necesarry for her complex surgery.

Nicole Anamaria Adam-Bezsnei has a serious condition. In 2009 she was diagnosed with bilaterale subluxation of her crystalline lens and Marfan Syndrome. Her fate was a harsh one, inherited from her father, who also had the subluxation of his crystalline lens and aortic insufficiency that had to be operated. The subluxation can be understood as the displacement of the crystalline lens from its normal position.
The Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder the affects the conjunctive tissue, and leads the dilatation of the main artery that carries blood to the heart. If it isn’t detected in due time, this can lead to death.
Nicole needs a crystalline implant for both her eyes, and this surgery is not only very expensive, but also a risky one, due to the very young age of the patient. For this reason the doctors from Romania refuse to operate, but an external intervention could save the little girl’s eyesight.
Nicole also has a little sister, who fortunately is perfectly healthy. The parents of the two girls are having a hard time and don’t have the means that could give their daughter’s health back. The father is a clerk that earns less that 150 Euros a month, after the cut-backs from the Romanian public system. The mother only has an allowance for raising the younger daughter. The parents of the little girl are putting in big efforts to raise the money necessary for this surgery.
Nicole has recently turned three, but she cannot enjoy childhood like a normal child can. She needs help to see the world. Anyone with a kind heart can help her truly live her life. The parents can be contacted at the phone numbers: 0040730.018.078 Petre and 0040731874847 Blanka.
                                                                                                  Source: the newspaper "Glasul Aradului"

RO 70 RZBR 0000 0600 1446 8429 – în euro
RO 20 RZBR 0000 0600 0877 6884 – în usd
We kindly ask you not to be indifferent, we need you to spread this appeal as good as possible. It is a huge amount of money and we cannot cope with it. We hope to find people responsive to our humble request and help us spread the word or help us with any amount available.
We hope the Lord will help us get to the clinic and have successful surgeries. Thank you for your time and solidarity.  God bless you.                                                                          
                                                                                                                  Respectfully, Blanka

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